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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Oggdo Bogdo Spawn Location

Oggdo Bogdo is back! Well, kinda.




Oggdo Bogdo was a legendary boss in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s prequel. While Oggdo Bogdo isn’t in this game, you can find one of their spawn!

Spawn of Oggdo is one of Oggdo’s children, and they’re just as strong as their parents.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find this powerful and challenging enemy!

Where to Find the Spawn of Oggdo Bogdo in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Source: WoW Quests

The Spawn of Oggdo is found in Fort Kah’lin. This is in the Rambler’s Reach region of Koboh. It has its own Meditation Point as well, so just fast travel there if you’ve already unlocked it.

You will also need the Air Dash ability to reach the boss, so progress the story until you get it.

Source: WoW Quests

From the Fort Kah’lin Meditation Point, look for an open circular door with an Ascension Cable grapple point. Grapple up there.

Go across the bridge to find a closed gate. Double jump to your right and Air Dash to reach the wall, then turn back to the door. You can open it if you want; it counts as a shortcut.

While facing the door from inside, turn right and run straight ahead. You will be attacked by a bunch of B1 Droids; we recommend taking them all out so they don’t bother you later.

Source: WoW Quests

Once the droids are down, approach the circular platform at the center. Turns out it’s a trap and it will open as soon as you step on it!

You will be in a circular cavern and the Spawn of Oggdo boss will appear, ready to chomp on Cal. It’s a strong boss, so be careful.

Don’t forget to loot the nearby chest once you manage to defeat the froggy abomination!

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