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Overprime: Best Items to Get For Most Heroes

For your heroes on Overpriime, you need to build them with the best items to maximize their potential fully. These are what will be beneficial for your heroes in the long run.




You can have multiple builds for your characters on Overprime with the items you get for them. These builds will help your heroes get better at combat and farming, and there are core builds you should have for each of them. In this guide, the heroes we’ll be touching include Scud, Shade, Colt, and Evelyn.

Best Items To Get For Most Heroes

With these items and build, you could achieve double the damage you already deal in combats.


The best items to get Scud include the Decoma gemstone of bravery, two health potions, and a ward. The wards are essential as they can win you games and should be at the core of your build.

Hence, your build should have the Decoma gemstone as the first item that you can decide to rank up or not. The next should be your blade, and also ensure you have the flat pen.

You should also get the treasure chart of the kingdom, the berserker’s curse, and the miniature space distortion engine.


The items to get Colt includes the Decoma gemstone of bravery, health potions, a ward, a flat pen, the berserker’s curse, and the miniature space distortion engine.

These items are similar to Scud’s; however, the build can be slightly different. You can change the miniature space distortion engine into anything of your choice as Scud’s more efficient movement.

Shade and Evelyn

Shade is one of the best rangers in the game and should also get all the above-listed items and Evelyn.

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