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Warframe: Laetum Build Guide | New Strongest Secondary

How do you build a pistol as strong as Laetum? We have the answers you’re looking for.




Laetum, the first of the Incarnon, is a solid ceremonial pistol recently introduced in Warframe. It is a semi-automatic pistol that temporarily transforms into a fully automatic gun as its alternate fire. Players regard Laetum as one of the most potent secondary weapons in-game because it deals massive damage that can obliterate spawns of enemies on sight.

Laetum Build Guide | New Strongest Secondary in Warframe

Laetum currently ranks third-highest crit chance behind Hystrix and third-highest behind Zymos, making it a fan-favorite pistol among players. You can obtain its blueprint from Cavalero at Rank 0 – Neutral in exchange for 3,000 Standing. Crafting Laetum requires 30,000 Credits, 1 Voidpume Pinion, 5 Voidpume Quills, 20 Voidgel Orbs, and 4,000 Ferrite.

It’s evolutions are Incarnon Form, Rapid Wraith, Lethal Rearmament, Elemental Excess, and Devouring Attrition.

Attrition adds a 50% chance of dealing 2000% damage on non-critical hits. What a scary gun!

Below are two useful builds centered around Laetum, the strongest secondary weapon in Warframe.

Low-Status Build


  • Galvanized Diffusion
  • Primed Fulmination
  • Primed Target Cracker
  • Lethal Torrent
  • Deep Freeze
  • Creeping Bullseye
  • Pathogen Rounds
  • Primed Heated Charge
  • Steady Hands


  • Secondary Merciless

This build doesn’t use dual stat mods like Pistol Pestilence because it doesn’t compliment the weapon’s primary attribute, which has over a 1200% damage boost.

The setup’s 66% critical rate and 22% status are already the ideal numbers that optimize the weapon to its full potential.

High-Status Build


  • Galvanized Diffusion
  • Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation
  • Galvanized Shot
  • Frostbite
  • Pistol Pestilence
  • Scorch
  • Lethal Torrent
  • Stunning Speed
  • Hornet Strike


  • Secondary Merciless

This build features high status and low crit build and takes advantage of Devouring Attrition’s +2,000% damage on half of the non-crit damage.

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