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Risk of Rain 2: Where Is the Broken Robot

REX Where Are you !?




In Risk of Rain 2, there is a challenge called power plant, completing this challenge will reward you with a playable character called Rex. More on him later, but some can find it challenging to find or arrive at the robot.

Where Is the Broken Robot in Risk of Rain 2

Rex the broken robot is found at the highest platform in the level Abyssal Depths. You can navigate to him by using the jump pads scattered across the map or via the large connecting chains.

How Do You Complete the Challenge?

To complete the challenge you must first remove the fuel array found on the backside of the pod you drop into the game with. This is the only place it can be found. Once you’ve done that proceed through the game normally, but beware!

If you fall below 50% health with the fuel array equipped then you will die from a massive explosion. Once you find Rex with the fuel ray equipped you can hold E and repair him. This should give you him to play as a permanent character.


Rex is a character that uses his own health to cast devastating skills from a distance. He can be difficult to play at first but once you get used to him you can find yourself a step up in terms of your gameplay.

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