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Risk of Rain 2: Where is Rex?

A half-plant, half-robot hybrid, REX is a pretty fun addition to the games roster. But unlocking him can take a lot of patience.




If doing high damage at the cost of your own health sounds like a fun playstyle to you, than unlocking REX should be pretty high on your Risk of Rain 2 to-do list. But it might prove to be quite a challenge – especially since bad RNG can mess up your chances, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Where is REX in Risk of Rain 2

REX is located in one of the two possible fourth stage environments, namely the Abyssal Depths. But just finding him is not going to do much – to unlock the robo plant as a playable character, you’ll first have to complete the “Power PlantChallenge.

Fuel Array

To beat this challenge, you’ll have to get to the broken REX with a special item called Fuel Array. This item will fill your Q slot and explode when your HP drops below 50%, instantly killing you.

It can be found on the back of the landing pod that you start in as most characters – so don’t forget to choose a character that starts in one. Other than that, you’re free to use any character you want.

How to Reach The Abyssal Depths

Now, you might see a problem – when playing the game normally, you only have about 50% chance of getting to the Abyssal depths, as it’s one of two possible fourth stage environments, the second being Siren’s Call.

But did you know you can decide which environment you’ll get in the next stage? To do this, you need to find the Newt Altar in one of the stages (in this case, we want it to be the third stage), donate one Lunar Coin and teleport to the Bazaar Between Time.

There, we can interact with the Lunar Seer to get the environment we want. It costs 3 Lunar Coins, but is well-worth doing in this case. Once you’re in the Abyssal Depth, you can find REX on one of the high up platforms. Interact with it to unlock the rot-plant hybrid as your newest playable character.

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