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Risk of Rain 2: Where Is the Obelisk

In Risk of Rain 2 there is a monument called the obelisk, using it you can choose to obliterate yourself from existence. Earning you five Lunar coins per character.




To find the obelisk you must first enter the hidden level a moment, fractured. The portal to this level spawns called the Celestial Portal Spawns every three levels after your first loop, next to the teleporter. It is specifically located on the top of the last island.

Secrets Within Secrets

Normally when players choose to obliterate themselves they’re just obliterated, but using a lunar item called the beads of fealty you can instead unlock a secret area. Called A moment, Whole.

This is an area where you can find a unique boss enemy to kill and loot. You do receive 10 lunar coins when you kill the boos. This means you should collect the environment log directly behind the boss before killing them.


Once you choose to obliterate yourself you earn like mentioned 5 lunar coins per character, but you also unlock the mercenary through completing a challenge called a true respite. Mercenary is a skilled character used for movement and melee attacks using his laser sword. He can also dodge the fuel array explosion in the challenge power plant.

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