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Risk of Rain 2: Game Crashing Fix

Sometimes players can have trouble running their games, usually it’s a rare occurrence. Unfortunately, Rik of Rain 2 suffers from similar problems. Here is how to fix them




Many people experience game crashing with Risk of Rain 2, and even though it is rare, it can be very frustrating.

There are several reasons why a sudden crash might appear, such as software conflicts, low RAM, outdated game version, faulty graphics driver and more.

How to Fix Game Crashing in Risk of Rain 2

Antivirus Related

Sometimes the operating systems of users can misidentify games .exe files as malware and flag them.

Well you can’t play the game with it’s files contained so you’ll either have to turn off your Antivirus temporarily or create an exclusion for the game in your security settings.

Graphics Card Drivers

Another issue players can run into is faulty and old graphics drivers and game versions. You can quickly and easily update those and cross the issue off. You can also just check if their outdated if you’re not sure.

Run Steam as Administrator

One of the easier solutions is to just run the game as an administrator which gives it access to protected resources on your device. It is important to consider that running the game in normal mode doesn’t give full access to game files on your PC.

This can result in crashing. By generating admin privileges you’ll be able to bypass this problem.

Check the Integrity of Game Files

Like it or not, sometimes the game files might be corrupted by a frustrating malware. This can damage them or restrict their access making the game crash.

In order to check the integrity of Risk of Rain 2 files, you need to go to:

  • Steam
  • Click LIBRARY
  • Open Risk of Rain Properties

Finally if you’re desperate to get the game to run you can always uninstall it from your device and then reinstall it.

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