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Risk of Rain 2: Legendary Chest Locations

In the video game Risk of Rain 2 legendary chests can be hard to find, but that’s why we’ll be discussing this. To help you, a new or struggling players get an edge up.




A chest in Risk of Rain 2 is an object that you can use to buy items, exchanging gold for useful advantages. Each chest has its own percentage for randomly spawn based on rarity, but you can only rely on guaranteed locations for them.

This way you can blend the danger of getting no chests and the stability of getting one every time. It’s what I would call a scaling difficulty, that the game gets “easier” the further you progress into the levels and memorize important advantages.

But the chaos of chance can keep you from completely demolishing the game on the regular.

Legendary Chest Locations In Risk of Rain

Starting off our discussion lets get right into the meat of the issue and then go over the details later. In Risk of Rain 2 there are guaranteed spawn locations throughout the levels you’ll be playing and overcoming.

These locations are the sundered grove and the abyssal depths, as a note guaranteed doesn’t mean the game will hand them to you. Only that if you search far and wide enough you’ll find one. In regular game play chest’s can spawn randomly (their rarity determining that spawn rate.)

Guaranteed Spawns For Legendary Chest in Risk of Rain 2

Guaranteed Spawns For Legendary Chest in Risk of Rain 2

In the level Abyssal Depths the only one spawn location of a legendary chest rests in a crater in the middle of the map. While in the Sundered Grove there are 5 possible spawn locations.

Those being at the highest point in the map (on the tree like thing), Behind a crevasse in the center of the map, on the side of a cliff with mushroom steps leading to it, near a random cliff that drops into the ether, and inside a hole with mushrooms covering it.

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Grounded: How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket

Tutorial on how to get the power droplet trinker.





The Power Droplet Trinket is an item perfect for the players who love monk builds in other games – you know what that is: punching stuff.  It’s part of the new Trinkets added into the game, accessories you can equip for Special Bonuses. They appear over the backyard and some as random loot drops.

Luckily for us, the Power Droplet Trinket is assured, if you can get to it. In this guide I’ll show you how to get your Power Droplet Trinket.

The Effects of Power Droplet Trinket

The Power Droplet Trinket will grant you Fury, a buff that makes unarmed attacks trigger additional attacks and lets them benefit from perk and status effects, even if they are meant for other weapons.

This is to say, if you have a mutation that enhances Axe damage, this enhancement will also apply to your unarmed attacks.

How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket in Grounded

You can get the Power Droplet Trinket by exploring the brick wall near and up the Compost Box. Get to the roof from where you can see the garbage bags lower down.

Walk over the edge and search through the gaps in the bricks for a mark on it.

Images Credit: JADECRAFT

Drop once you’ve seen it and then go right. Drop at the end of that brick and turn around, this time going opposite direction. Drop down once again; turn around once one more time and walk forward, your trinket will be around here.

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