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Risk of Rain 2: Black Screen on Startup Fix

Some players have encountered a problem when launching the game. Here are a few possible ways to fix this problem.




Most of the time, Risk of Rain 2 works perfectly on most systems, with barely any glitches and rare crashes. But some players reported a game-breaking problem with the game only showcasing a black screen after launching, with only background music playing. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to fix this.

Fixing the Black Screen on Startup Issue in Risk of Rain 2

Fixing the Black Screen on Startup Issue in Risk of Rain 2

The most common fix that works most of the time is simply using the alt-enter keyboard shortcut to start the game in windowed mode. Afterward, you can change this setting to Fullscreen in the options menu and everything should work smoothly. But, this method doesn’t work all of the time.

Cleaning Your Download Cache

What seems to work most of the time is clearing the downloads cache in the steam downloads menu. To do this, choose the Downloads option in the drop-down library menu. You should see a small gear in the upper right portion of this tab. Click it to go to the steam’s settings menu. It should already have “Downloads” selected, but if it doesn’t choose it from the options on the left.

Fixing the Black Screen on Startup Issue in Risk of Rain 2

There, you should see an option saying “Clear Download Cache”, but before you click it, make sure you remember your steam password since you’ll probably have to log in again. After clicking this option, the game should run smoothly.

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