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Risk of Rain 2: Command Artifact Location

Getting to choose which items would be immensely helpful in a roguelike, and it just so happens that Risk of Rain 2 has that option – that is, if you’ve unlocked the Artifact of Command.




There are many different artifacts in Risk of Rain 2, some more useful than others. Out of these, the Artifact of Command is often seen as one of the best, since it allows you to choose what items will you get, out of those you’ve already unlocked. But like others, it can be very hard to obtain.

Where is the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain 2

Like every other Artifact in the game, the Artifact of Command is located in the Bulwark’s Ambry, but to get there, the player will first have to find a special code for the Artifact they want to get. The code used to get the Artifact of Command is located in one of the game’s hidden realm environments: The Bazaar Between Time

The Bazaar Between Time

To get into the Bazaar, you’ll need to find a blue portal in one of the stages. It has a 5% chance to spawn naturally in every stage, but you can also open it manually by donating a lunar coin to the Newt Altar. This will spawn a blue orb that will open the Blue Portal after the stages main teleporter is charged. The Artifact Code you’re looking for is showing on the glass behind Newt the Shopkeeper.

Compound Generator

Once you’ll have the code, you can use the Compound Generator, found on a small island underneath the main portion of Sky Meadow, to spawn a portal to Bulwark’s Ambry. Simply input the code found in the Bazaar Between Time.

The Artifact Code in Risk of Rain 2 is:

Square, Square, Square

Square, Square, Square

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

Artifact Trials

You’re still not quite done though. After you’ll input the code, a portal to the Ambry should open. There, you’ll participate in the Artifact trial.

During it, the effect of the Artifact you’re trying to get will be active. You’ll have to collect the Artifact Keys and use them on the Artifact Reliquary – the first key is sitting on an elevated block, but the rest will drop randomly from enemies. Once you’re done, a portal to the first stage will appear.

Congratulations – you’ve just unlocked the Artifact of Command!

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