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Risk of Rain 2: What is The Celestial Portal

Risk of Rain 2 holds a o lot of secrets, including completely new areas you can find, including hidden areas. One of those can be reached by using the mysterious Celestial Portal.




You might’ve heard about the so-called Hidden Realms in Risk of Rain 2, but even after going through all five stages of the game, there’s a chance you didn’t encounter them. That’s because you’ll need to find specific gateways to them, like the Celestial Portal – and al of these have their own set of prerequisites to appear.

What is The Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2

The Celestial Portal is a special entrance to a Hidden Realm called A Moment, Fractured. To get it to appear, you’ll have to first reach the Sky Meadow (the fifth stage) and leave it using the Primordial Teleporter. Doing this will cause the game to loop – meaning, you’ll return to the first stage again.

How to Open the Celestial Portal

Once you’ll enter a loop, there will be a few new secrets to find in most stages, including the Celestial Portal, found in the third stage. Once you’ll reach the teleporter here, a Celestial Orb will spawn and circle around it. After the completion of the Teleporter Event, the Celestial Portal should open.

A Moment, Fractured

This new portal will take you to a hidden environment, consisting of a few floating island with blue crystals embedded in them. At the end, you’ll find an obelisk, which will ask you if you want to obliterate yourself from existence.

Choosing “yes” will end the run and reward the player with 5 lunar coins. But, there’s one more secret. If you’ll reach the Obelisk with the Beads of Fealty, an item you can get from Lunar Pods, you’ll be transported to a different hidden area called A Moment, Whole. But that’s a story for another guide…

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