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Risk of Rain 2: Where to Find the Rusted Lockbox

To get more powerful in Risk of Rain, you’ll need items. To get good items you’ll need to pen chest. And to open chests you’ll need gold a lot of gold. That is, unless you can find the Rusted Lockbox.




In Risk of Rain 2, your power depends mostly on the items you’ve collected. Chests serve as the best source of those, but to open them, you’ll need some gold. But there is one type of chest that is you can open free of charge: the Rusted Lockbox.

Where to Find the Rusted Lockbox in Risk of Rain 2

Like every item in the game, Rusted Lockbox spawn randomly on the map, but for it to appear, you’ll first need to complete a specific challenge, called Keyed Up. It requires you to kill a teleporter boss in 15 seconds or less, which can be done with damage-boosting items and some skill.

Rusted Key

Where to Find the Rusted Lockbox in Risk of Rain 2

After you’ll complete challenge, the rusted key will start spawning randomly in stages. It’s a common item, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding it. Once you’ll have it in your inventory, every stage you enter with it will have a Rusted Lockbox hidden somewhere.

Finding the Rusted Lockbox

Where to Find the Rusted Lockbox in Risk of Rain 2

For every key you possess, one Rusted Lockbox will spawn on the map and the key will disappear once you’ll open the lockbox. Also, since it’s technically not a chest, the Rusted Lockbox will still appear, even if you have the Artifact of Sacrifice enabled.

Still, they can be tricky to find, due to their dull appearance. But there’s a trick you can use – when the teleporter is charging up, every item on the map should have a bright aura around them, so you can use that time to look for the Lockbox.

It’s worth the trouble – each Lockbox has 80% of dropping an uncommon item and 20% of dropping a legendary item!

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