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Model Builder: How To Resize Decals

Following a set pattern could be the best way to go when playing Model Builder when you start, but what if you’d like to downsize and upsize your decals?

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Model Builder offers a near-realistic output on the experience of building various models that you might have stumbled upon during your childhood, but as with every digital simulator, the controls can be daunting to master at the beginning. Although, if you’re beginning the game there is a tutorial, you might have wanted to play around with your designs and do not know how to resize your decals, it might be because of the game mode you chose.

How to Resize Decals? – Model Builder

Model Builder has two game modes, one is the campaign or story mode and the other is the sandbox mode. Story mode gives you a tutorial and set pieces to build while sandbox gives you all the features right out of the box.

Choosing a game mode is crucial to knowing how to resize decals as one mode allows you to do it from the start while the other needs you to be at a certain level to access the controls for it.

To resize your decals, you need to simply use Shift+Mouse Scroll using the scroll up to make it bigger or scroll down to make the decal smaller.

For sandbox mode, you have the option to do this automatically after starting the game mode. Story mode needs you to be at least level 7 to unlock the feature.

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