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Model Builder: Can You Export Models? | Export As “.stl”

Model Builder is a 3D Simulator that allows you to assemble and paint various models in the comfort of your home.

Iris Ruiz



Most players are content with making their models through the game but there are some that look to having the models 3D printed to display in their own homes or use them as assets in developing video games. 

While technology nowadays can definitely allow for this kind of scenario to be real, the limitations in the game would prevent this dream from becoming a reality. 

The first step is to have the finished models be exportable to load into 3D printers or to be used as game assets for some. 

The question is, does this feature exist in the current build of the game?

Can You Export Models?

According to the Developer Just Ob3y on the Steam community boards, the feature has yet to be implemented on the game’s current build, but they are looking to add it in the future.

Discussions with the players in a particular thread show the dev’s enthusiasm when it comes to getting feedback from people who truly love the game. 

While exporting models seems to not be in line soon, the developer did not bash this dream completely and gave hope to those who would like this feature as he mentioned it would be added at a future date. 

They are currently looking for ways to implement it in the game and would probably need to be tested before being given consideration. 

With the way the developers are moving, cherishing player feedback, and open to discussing features players wish to implement, let’s hope that the future of Model Builder will remain as open and bright as today.

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