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Model Builder: How To Undo / Reset After A Mistake

Everything is great until you make a mistake. But don’t lose your marbles because there is a way to fix it all.

Ines Vig



Building virtual models had never been easier. All you need is the Model Builder, pick a model at your wish and let the fun begin. Still, if you’re not careful enough, it can be pretty easy to make the smallest of mistakes that can ruin your mood. Find out how to fix the mistakes you’ve made in Model Builder down below.

How to Undo / Reset After A Mistake in Model Builder

If you’ve made a mistake while working on your model, don’t worry, there is the disassembly tool in both Story and Sandbox Mode. With this tool, you are able to easily detach a piece of the model or the entirety of it.

After doing the introductory quest for the auctions in the Story Mode, you can unlock the disassembly tool and work with it to dismantle whatever is not to your liking.

As for the Sandbox Mode, this tool unlocks right away, and you can freely work on your projects without worrying about making a mistake.

However, be careful while placing the decals because once placed they cannot be removed. If you end up not liking how the decal looks on your model, you can always cover it with paint and place another decal in the same place or leave it as it is.

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