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Model Builder: Parts Missing Bug




Model Builder is a game that tests your creativity and induces nostalgia for some enthusiastic model collectors of our age.  It’s one of those games that you would find yourself playing for hours as most simulator games tend to do.

The game focuses on you as a model enthusiast to go through a library of different vehicular or even robot models to assemble as per their kit instructions, much like how real-life model boats and Gunplas are made. 

It has a career section that starts off with beginner-level models, gradually increasing in difficulty until a time where you need to deal with more than a hundred pieces per model.

How to Fix the Parts Missing Bug

While it has its charms, the game is not immune to game-breaking bugs and one of those rears its ugly head in the form of making some parts disappear while playing the campaign. 

This can hinder progress as the game depends on having all the parts for a certain model to be in their correct places before it allows you to move forward to the next kit in your workstation. 

This would result in gameplay getting halted at certain levels without the means to progress, forcing you to start over regardless of your current level in the game.

The developers did not offer any means of quick fixes just yet but they did address that the issue will be fixed at the release of their most recent hotfix which listed fix breakdowns and addressed bug, graphical, and quality of life concerns.

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