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Model Builder: How To Remove Decals

The joys of crafting your own models may seem to be far-fetched for others, but for most of the people that play Model Builder, it means a certain feeling of nostalgia only achieved through childhood memories of hunkering down to make your own models.

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It might be a mistake, or you simply want to replace the decal with another one that you think might work better for a certain model, but you might be thinking on how to remove the decal you put in first. It may sound simple, but as there is no undo button for the game, the solution is a bit of an oversight for most players.

How to Remove Decals? – Model Builder

Because there is no way to undo a decal once you’ve set it, there are a few ways you could remove said decal without having to start your build all over.

It would depend on which game mode you have chosen, as story mode unlocks this a bit farther into the game. There is a tool called a disassembler which would let you disassemble parts as you see fit.

If disassembling your model isn’t something you’d like to do, regardless if it’s story mode or sandbox mode, you can always just paint over the decal and put another one in its place.

Most people overlook this solution simply because it seems to be too simple for the game to allow it, but as Model Builder has a realistic approach to the task, it’s the most ideal way to correct decals.

Happy Building!

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