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Lost Ark: How to Prepare for Valtan Release

A lot of players are highly anticipating the upcoming content of Lost Ark’s western version, especially the first Legion Raid, Valtan.




One of the most exciting things in the forthcoming patch of Lost Ark’s NA and EU version is the arrival of the first Legion Raid, Valtan.

The eight-player Legion raid requires teamwork and coordination to properly carry through the best strategy and counter every formidable opponent. If you want to know how to prepare for the Valtan release, this guide is perfect for you!

How to Prepare for Valtan Release in Lost Ark

Lost Ark’s Valtan has two level requirements. They are 1415 and 1445 item levels for normal and hard, respectively. It will allow players to have the chance to get relic items and start earning a large sum of money.

Relic is the new gear rarity that developers will introduce with Valtan. However, we will focus on Valtan’s release date and preparation for the legion raid in this guide.

Preparing for Valtan

Legion Raids are difficult and time-consuming. Each Legion Commander has its own unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics.

The Valtan Legion Raid, in particular, introduces many new mechanics players are excited to try out. The raid is not even here yet, but the Lost Ark community has already been analyzing and sharing tips on defeating it.

If you want to prepare yourself for the Valtan Legion Raid, you need to be at least item level 1415 for normal mode or 1445 if you opt for the hard difficulty.

With that said, here are the recommended builds:

  • Engravings: aim for 333 or 3331 from the usual engravings depending on your class (although 33 or 331 is enough, it’s better to be safe)
  • Gems: have full level 5 gems, prioritizing primary abilities
  • Tripods: level 4 tripods for main skills, or at least have full level 3 tripods
  • Card Set:
  • Lostwind Cliff is the best card set
  • We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants combined are also highly recommended
  • Runes: Purify Rune offers a 70% cleanse to a debuff effect

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