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Warframe: How to Open Vista Suite | What Does It Hide?

Each player has their own dormizone space, which is why dormizones are so important in Warframe – the Vista Suite is one of the most talked about




The Dormizones are private dwelling quarters on the Zariman Ten Zero spacecraft, accessible through the Star Chart or an elevator near Hombask in the Chrysalith.

How to Open Vista Suite | What Does It Hide?- WARFRAME

Due to the two extra incarnate weapons coming soon, a lot of gamers are really considering if the Vista Suite is worth it.

There are some features others preferred were upgraded, others preferred if the reward that is given going up the angel level instead of leveling up the syndicate. Let’s see what the suite entails and how to open it up.

What Does It Hide?

The centerpiece is a giant backdrop called Vistagraph, which displays landscape vistas while Audioscapes plays ambient music.

Vistagraphs cost 75 Platinum, while Audioscapes cost 50 Platinum, and both can be purchased at the display terminal on the far right.

The Vista Suite also includes Four Warframe Displays which are set up and can be changed to exhibit our Arsenal Loadouts. When approaching the door, the player can hear music, whistling, roaring, as well as a heartbeat.

How to Open Vista Suite

You can obtain the key for a hundred thousand standing, from the Hombask. After obtaining the Vista Suite Key from Hombask, a third room becomes available, needing the maximum rank of Angel with The Holdfasts Syndicate.

There isn’t a lot to spend a hundred thousand standing on outside of decorating the Vista Suite.

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