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Dysmantle: Can You Climb?

Dysmantle: How to Climb
There are many places that are clearly accessible in Dysmantle, but happen to be located to high to access. And the game doesn’t tell you how to climb…




As you explore the world of Dysmantle, you’ll come across many high places with seemingly interactable content and no visible way to get there. You might think the game has some sort of a hidden climbing mechanic but is this really the case?

Can you Climb in Dysmantle?

Despite popular belief, you cannot climb in Dysmantle. It is true that there are a lot of high places that are unreachable for a while, but at no point in the game do you learn to climb. There are also no craftable items that allow you to reach those places, such as ladders. But, you’ll be given a chance to visit those locations near the end of the game…

How To Reach High Places in Dysmantle

Near the Mercury Installation in the southwestern part of the map should be the third fuel cell. Once you’ll reach it, interdimensional rifts should start opening up all around the island. Interacting with those will transport your character from one point to another.

This mechanic is designed as the primary way to reach high places, but it was added pretty late during the game’s early access stage, leaving a lot of early players confused. As there is a whole lot of steps you’ll need to complete before being able to get the third fuel cell, you shouldn’t worry about reaching the high places for most of the game.

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