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Dysmantle: How to Open Timed Chest

The timed chests have quickly became one of Dysmantle’s most mystifying mechanic, with seemingly no way to open them. But it turns out they can be accessed pretty easily, as long as you know how.




Some of Dysmantle’s mechanics are not explained to the player, and those include the Timed Chests. Many players have been wondering how do these things work, having only their name to deduce their purpose in the game. But the way they work is actually surprisingly simple.

How to Open Timed Chests in Dysmantle

To open the Timed Chests in Dysmantle, you’ll have to first rest at a campfire. Once your character wakes up, your character will have 10-30 seconds to open the Timed Chest nearby.

Most of these are placed close to campfires, so doing this is easier than it seems. If you won’t make it in time, interacting with the chest will show you how many seconds have passed since the chest was openable, allowing you to deduce how much time you have.

Best Ways to Open Timed Chests

Some Timed Chests are harder to get than others, so you might want to prepare adequately. The most important thing is to clear out all the obstacles that can hinder your progress before using the campfire.

You should also get to know the area very well, looking for the shortest possible route between the campfire and the chest. Lastly, you should be using the +10% running speed trinket and the +5% running speed jacket, to get have the best running speed.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    March 30, 2024 at 8:13 pm

    There is also the:
    1) Time Modifier (Pocket Watch) Trinket
    2) Obekisk of Wind = +7% Running Speed

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