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Dysmantle: How to Get to Vulcan Island

Vulcan Island is a small island found in the post-apocalyptic world of Dysmantle, located to the south-west of the Westport area.




Many players have seen the small island off in the distance and wondered just how to reach it, and the method of entry might be a bit more involved than most are expecting. This article should help uncover it.

How to Get to Vulcan Island in Dysmantle

The entryway to Vulcan Island is tied to the Myth Tablets quest, so completing the quest opens a rift that allows you to go to Vulcan Island, landing on the southern part of it. However, that’s all easier said than done, so let’s break down the process of starting and completing said quest.

To start off, the quest is located in Hedgefield and it begins when you are in Greyhaven and have located the final link relay. If you haven’t happened to find any Myth Tablet before, you will begin the quest as soon as you inspect the Myth Tablet located there.

Now your quest is relatively simple: you must find all the Myth Tablets. This, however, can not be fully completed until late into the game, when you’re ready to escape from the island, so do keep that in mind. There is, however, no set order to find the tablets in, so feel free to tackle them in any order you wish.

As for where to find the Myth Tablets themselves, here is a handy table showing all of the locations and their coordinates:

Myth Tablet LocationCoordinates
Hedgefield1218° 641°.
Everglade1660° 802°.
Fairwood1256° 483°.
Borealis1365° 142°.
Sunburn Desert593° 689°.
Serpent’s Crossing1198° 782°.
Hibernus988° 146°.
Frost Horn313° 323°.
Westport375° 546°.
Crown878° 463°.

When you finally obtain all tablets, you have to go back to the stone tablet circle in the Pyramid area, where a new Mana Rift will open up and take you to Vulcan Island at long last!

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