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Dysmantle: How to Plant Seed

Food can be hard to come by during a zombie apocalypse. Fortunately, in you can do some farming in Dysmantle to keep your supplies stocked up.




 To have enough resources for cooking and crafting in Dysmantle, sooner or late you’ll have to pick up farming.  But growing crops might be a tad bit harder than it seems, especially when your neighbors are bloodthirsty zombies.

How to Plant Seeds in Dysmantle

In order to start planting seeds, you’ll first have to craft a seed bag. The recipe can be found right after the shovel recipe in the tech tree. To make a shovel, you’ll need 15x Scrap Metal, 10x Scrap Wood, and 9x Plastics, while a seed bag will require 12x Plant Matter, 12x Scrap Fabric and 14x Wood.

But there are a few other requirements you must meet before you can begin farming…

Farming Spot

You’ll need to find a suitable farming spot if you want to start growing crops. You’ll also have to be at least level 5 to trigger the tutorial farming quest once you’ll find a farm. There are three farms you can use, found at these coordinates:

1485° – 463°

1354° – 594°

1598° – 814°

Choosing the Seeds to Plant

As you’ll level up, your seed bag will gain more seeds you can plan. To do this, open your inventory and equip the seed bag in an empty slot.

Now, if you click and hold the left mouse button, you should see a list of seeds you can plant. Choose one and walk over to one of the tilled patches on the farm, then left-click on it.

There should be a timer over every planted crop, telling you when the crops will be ready for harvest. But to do that, you’ll need one more tool – a hoe. You’ll need 12x Scrap Metal and 14x Scrap Wood to craft it.

Once you’ll have it all you need to do is left-click the grown crops to harvest them!

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