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Disney Dreamlight Valley: What Night Shards are Used For

Use the Night Shards for this.




Disney Dreamlight Valley has many resources that you can gather across the map. These resources can regenerate over time.

There are materials like vegetables and fish for cooking, but there are also those lesser-known items you’re not sure of their purpose. One of them is called Night Shards, and we are going to show you what they are used for.

What Night Shards are Used For in Disney Dreamlight

The Night Shards in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be obtained from spots where you can use your shovel. These spots are noticeable with the presence of glowing mounds, which can spawn in all biomes and can regenerate over time.

The same with the Night Shard is the Dream Shard, which is used to craft Dream Light. With that said, the Night Shard is also a crafting material.

Using the Night Shard

The Night Shard can be used to craft a Purified Night Shard.

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To craft one, you need to unlock the Crafting Table by completing the “Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Reopening” quest. You need 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard for the Purified Night Shard.

You can also give Night Shards as gifts to the characters in the game. For this one, you should always check what the daily interests of the characters in the valley are. Giving them the items in their daily interests gives more Friendship Level Experience.

You can also sell the Night Shards for Star Coins, but it is not recommended. As of now, these are the only uses for the Night Shard. As the game is still in its Early Access, we may see a new use for the Night Shard in future updates.

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