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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Treasure Hunt Quest Guide

Ursula gives Scrooge McDuck a Mysterious Coin and hints at a hidden Treasure somewhere in the Valley.




Memory Quests are tasks where you are given a photograph of landmark locations or specific items where you have to fetch them for the quest giver in the game.

These are collect quests with a Disney Dreamlight Valley Twist to make it more interesting. Completing these would give you rewards as well as unlock more content in the form of more realms to discover or Iconic Characters to invite into the valley.

There is a total of 121 Memory Quests in the game. Completing these quests will unlock photographs of the memories that can be reviewed on your collection tab from your menu.

Today, we are going to guide you on Scrooge McDuck’s Memory Quest; “The Treasure Hunt” to take you one step closer to completing your memory collection in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Guide on the Treasure Hunt Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This Quest Unlocks when Ursula gives the Mysterious coin to Scrooge Mc.Duck. check the coin in your inventory and head on over to Scrooge to show him the coin.

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He will tell you that the coin is a part of a hidden treasure. The Mysterious Coin will show you three locations for the other memories. If it’s a hidden treasure quest then the thing you would be looking for is a treasure map.

First Location from the left, The Glade of Trust

The first memory from the left is located in the Glade of Trust. Warp yourself there and start searching on the right side of the map close to the stream. The stone face landmark will be on the other side of the stream while the dig spot will be visible as a sparkling object by the riverbank.

Equip your shovel and start digging. The hole will yield a memory fragment. With this in the bag, head on over to the next area.

The second location, Merlin’s Home

The middle photograph will show you a row of bookshelves. If you don’t know where it is, head over to Merlin’s house and make your way inside.

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The spot will be in the centre of the room by Merlin’s Desk. Behind it is the row of bookcases indicated in the picture. With two clues in the bag, head over to the final location.

Third Location, Dazzle Beach

The third location is on a rocky area and sand. Head over to Dazzle Beach for the third memory. From the waypoint, head to the top side of the beach. The last location would be on the opposite side of Moana’s house. It’s a dig spot close to the tree by the rock face.

Give Scrooge the Map Piece

Head over to Scrooge in the Valley. Give him the map piece to complete Scrooge’s “The Treasure Hunt” Quest. Completing this would take you one step closer to collecting the 121 memory collectables in the game.

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