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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Scrooge McDuck’s Locked Chest at the Beach Guide

Scrooge McDuck may think he has successfully buried the chests around the valley, but he is sorely mistaken.




Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new adventure game in which a lot of magic and many missions and quests await you, all along with various items that you will collect and characters that you will meet during your adventure through the Valley.

Scrooge McDuck is one of the first characters you will meet. At the very beginning, he will give you several tasks that you have to complete in order to help him build his store from scratch.

This quest is called “My Kingdom for Scroll”, and as part of it you will have to find the Key and the Locked Chest and return them to Scrooge McDuck.

With this guide, find out where the Mystery Chest is and help Scrooge McDuck build his store.

Guide for Finding Scrooge McDuck’s Locked Chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As we said at the beginning, first you have to unlock the “My Kingdom For a Scroll” quest. You will unlock him after meeting Mother Gothel in the Valley.

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This quest is a bigger one, there are many tasks that you will have to complete for the quest to be completed.

First, you have to find Scrooge McDuck’s Key and the Locked Chest at the Beach. Let’s see how to find them.

You will find the key by going near the lake, in the Glade of Trust area.

On the surface of the water you will see 3 bubbles coming out of the water. One blue bubble and two golden bubbles.

Now you have to use your fishing rod and throw the hook towards the golden bubble on the left side.

When the circle around your fishing rod turns green, with right-click on your mouse you have to pull, you have to repeat this three times in order to get Scrooge McDuck’s Key out of the water.

Now it’s time to go to The Beach. There is a Locked Chest there that you need to find.

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First you need to go to the Dazzle Beach, there is buried the Sun’s Scroll in a locked chest next to the Mystical Cave.

When you arrive at the exact location, approach the very entrance to the Mystical Cave, in front of which there is a blue bed.

The Locked Chest is buried in front of the bed, grab your shovel and start digging. The Locked Chest will pop-up and you can collect it.

With the key and the chest, you now have everything you need to return to Mother Gotel and hand over these new items to her. Find her and give her the items. After you hand her these items, it’s time for your reward. “My Kingdom For a Scroll” quest will be fully completed now.

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