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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Right Crops to Grow for With Great Power Quest

The Great Power Quest requires you to plant certain seeds to unlock the second magic gate to progress the story.




Exploring the Valley in Disney Dreamlight is such a fun way to spend the time. You start in one area and do some quests for you to unlock another area and continue your progress.

In this Guide, we will show you how to complete the with  Great Power Quest and help you remove the second magic gate in the Mystical Core.

Guide on the Right Crops to Grow for the “With Great Power Quest” in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The simple answer is you need to plant tomato seeds, wheat seeds and carrot seeds. Now we have that established, let us go grab the seeds so we can proceed with the quest.

Head over to Goofy’s shop by the meadow to purchase the wheat seeds and carrot seeds. Buying one of each type of seed should do the trick.

As for the tomato seeds, we would have to do a bit of exploring and upgrading to get them.

Tomato Seeds in Goofy’s Shop by the Beach

To get the tomato seed you have to go to Goofy’s Shop on your lower right corner of your map. That’s on the lower part of Dazzle beach adjacent to the sand island to your right.

Initially, the shop doesn’t sell tomato seeds. You have to upgrade the shop by one level to unlock the tomato seeds. To do that just interact with the shop and hit the upgrade option with Scrooge McDuck.

You need 2000 gold to upgrade the shop. Once you finish, check the shops’ inventory and the tomato seeds would be available for purchase.

Head to the Mystical Core and Plant the seeds

With all three seeds with you, head over to the Second Magic Gate in the Mystical Core. You can plant your seeds by the 3 statues outside. You can plant the seeds in any order for this quest as long as all three of them are planted.

Water the seeds and come back when the seeds are ready to be harvested

After planting the seeds, water them and head on out and do a little exploring. When enough time has passed the seeds would be ready for harvest and you have unlocked the second Magic Gate.

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