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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Remy’s Recipe Book Quest Guide

Let’s find out what you need to do to Finish Remy’s Recipe Book Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley.




In the new Disney Dreamlight Valley, a magical world full of adventures, quests, new characters, and secrets awaits you.

One of the most interesting items is unlocking new characters because each character is special and brings with it new missions and storylines.

One of these characters is Remy, an already famous MasterChef, who will come to the Valley and bring the smells and tastes of the finest recipes.

In this guide, discover how you will unlock Remy and how he will affect the further life of the inhabitants of the Valley.

Guide for Completing Remy’s Recipe Book Quest

First, you have to use Mickey’s Memory to find hidden books. Altogether there are three hidden books to find.

You have to start digging with your shovel to find the first book. This is the exact location where the first book is, as you can see near the wooden stairs which will be on your right side.

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For the second book you have to go to the Mystical Cave. You have to enter the caves and find a place where you can dig with a shovel, there is another book.

The last book is on Dazzle Beach, near the stall. There you will have to dig again with your shovel to dig up the third book.

After digging up all three books, you have to return them back to Remy.

The next step is to learn the recipes, so you will have to bring ingredients like Peanuts to cook some of Remy’s top specialties.

After your little culinary adventure, Remy will be extremely pleased that you helped him in the kitchen and Remy’s Recipe Book Quest will be successfully completed.

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