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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Gem That Matches Best Solution for With Great Power Quest

The “With Great Power” quest involves solving a puzzle where you have to match gems to the statues in order to unlock the magic gate.




There are a handful of exciting, even magical, quests that you can encounter in Disney Dream Valley. One of them is the “With Great Power” quest which involves solving a puzzle in order to complete it.

If you don’t know how to do it, then this guide is for you.

Gem That Matches Best Solution for With Great Power Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can start the “With Great Power” quest, you first have to unlock Dazzle Beach by spending 5000 Dreamlight to remove the thorn barring the entrance. Once you have successfully unlocked the area, you then need to use the ramp to take you to the place where you can find Ursula.

Simply talk to Ursula, and she will then give you the “With Great Power” quest as well as a Crystal Key to unlock another side of the cave. You need to use the Crystal Key to unlock the cave where the puzzle can be found.

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To get there, you have to head back to the ramp leading to the Plaza, but instead of going up the ramp, turn left instead. There will be an interactive pedestal where you can use the key. Insert the key to reveal the hidden cave, and head inside to find the Orb of Power.

Once you’re inside, you’ll notice that a magic gate is blocking the entrance. Near it are three statues, each with a different glowing stone. You’ll need to remove these stones in order to deactivate the magic gate.

Solving the Puzzle

At the center is a stone slab which you can interact with. It will then give you a hint saying that you need to offer a matching gem in order to continue your quest. This basically means that you need to offer a specific gem for each statue depending on what type of gem they’re holding.

To find the gems, you want to head over to the following location:

  • Garnet (Red) – Plaza & Peaceful Meadow
  • Peridot (Green) – Dazzle Beach & Peaceful Meadow
  • Aquamarine (Blue) – Dazzle Beach & Forest of Valor
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All you need to do is mine the rocks you can find within those areas. After you have gathered all three gems, head back to the statues and interact with them. At this point, you simply have to offer the Aquamarine to the blue statue, Garnet to the red, and Peridot to the green.

This will then unlock the magic gate, completing the quest and allowing you to progress further.

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