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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Demigod of the Wind and Sun Quest Guide

Let’s go through steps to complete the Demigod of The Wind And Sun Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.




Disney Dreamlight Valley is a new, life-sim adventure game in which you meet many different Disney characters, solve different quests and explore the magical Valley.

In this game you will find characters like Remy, Moana, Little Mermaid, Eric, Maui and others. So let’s see how you will complete one of the more interesting quests in this game.

In this guide, we will explain step by step how to finish the Demigod of the Wind and Sun quest.

How to Complete Demigod of the Wind and Sun quest

First, you have spoken to Maui to begin the quest.

Then, you have to gather some materials to craft some Kites, and these are Fiber and Softwood.

After you catch some seaweed with your fishing rod, go back to the Crafting Station.

Use seaweed to craft some Fiber (30 of them) then go craft Kites.

For Kites, you must have 6 Softwoods, 10 pieces of Fiber and 1 Dark Ink.

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After that, show these Kites to Maui. Then, bring a Kite to Goofy, WALL-E, and Merlin.

Go back to Maui and follow him to the location of the Missing Island.

The next task is to fish in the place where the islands were.

There you will catch Limestone which you need to bring back to Maui.

And that’s it, you’ve successfully completed the Demigod of The Wind and Sun quest!

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