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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Fishy Dispute Guide

Do these things and finish the quest.




One of the differences that Disney Dreamlight Valley has from other life-sim games is its quests. Quests provide activities that make give you rewards and benefits. You can unlock from the Disney characters in your valley. One of these quests is called A Fishy Dispute, and we are going to show you how to get it and complete it.

A Fishy Dispute Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The quest “A Fishy Dispute” in Disney Dreamlight Valley is given by Donald Duck upon reaching Friendship level 4 with him, and have unlocked the Sunlit Plateau Biome. The quest is about the argument between Donald Duck and Goofy, as to where the Catfish came from. You are going to help Donald Duck in proving his point.

Completing the Quest A Fishy Dispute

When you start the quest, Donald is going to give you a fishing outfit and tells you to wear it first. Go to your wardrobe to equip the outfit.

The next task is to catch 10 fish in the ocean. Use your Royal Fishing Rod to catch fish. Talk to Donald after, where refers you to the area where he saw a Catfish.

Follow him to the location and use your fishing rod to obtain a Time Capsule. Donald is going to unlock this Time Capsule and wants you to open it. View the memory found inside to reveal the next location.

The next location is in the Sunlit Plateau, the Time Capsule is located in the area indicated in the picture above. It is close to a skull and some rib cages. Pick it up and give it to Donald. The quest finishes after Donald unlocks the Time Capsule.

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