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Devour: How to Beat Asylum

Asylum is the biggest and most complicated map in the game. Beating it will require skill, teamwork and strategy.




Compared to the farmhouse, Asylum might seem almost impossible to beat, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, with careful planning, you should be able to finish your exorcism despite the odds.

How to Beat Asylum in Devour

When the game starts, you’ll spawn in the elevator and your first task will be to pull a breaker in the ritual room to properly start the exorcism. But before you do, use the time you have to get acquainted with the level. You can also gather as many items as you can in the ritual room, which will come in handy later.

Rats and Fuses

Devour: How to Beat Asylum

There are two things you’ll be looking for on these maps – rats and fuses. Rats work almost identically to the goats in the Farmhouse, only instead of hay you’ll have to lure them using platters with rotten food. Then, there are fuses. These are needed to use the breaker each time you want to sacrifice the rat. Before even starting the map properly, you can find 8 fuses when gathering resources.

Trash cans

Devour: How to Beat Asylum

To spawn rats, you’ll need to knock over trash cans. There are four of those in the stage. There are two strategies regarding rats that you can implement. First, make sure that you’ll first gather rats from the farthest portions of the stage, leaving those close to the ritual room for the endgame. Second, before sacrificing a rat, make sure every one of your teammates has one too. This is especially important when the stalker of this stage, Molly, enters here final phase.

Molly Jackson

Devour: How to Beat Asylum

Molly works similarly to Anna from the farmhouse, but there are a few things that make her a bit trickier to avoid. First, she’s harder to stun and calm down using UV light. Second, the stage features wheelchair demons, much more dangerous than the crawling demons from the previous level. Before starting Molly’s final phase, make sure you have all the necessary items near the ritual room to immediately finish the map.

Navigating the Asylum

Devour: How to Beat Asylum

Asylum can be a pain to navigate, as some rooms can only be opened using keys. This spawns randomly every time you start the map. But, there is some good spawn-related news as well. Most of the items, including fuses, a reaper in the spot they were taken from after a while, so you might want to return to some of the places you’ve already been to.

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