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Devour : How to Pick up Goat

Burning goats is the primary way of performing exorcisms in Devour, but to do any of that, you’ll first need to pick them up.




Gameplay-wise, Devour is centered around collecting goats and burning them on a special altar. Of course, the locations where the goats are scattered are filled with bloodthirsty demons, which makes the process a bit more difficult. So, it’s best to make sure you know exactly how to pick up goats.

How to Pick up Goat in Devourer

How to Pick up Goat in Devourer

To start a stage you’re playing, you’ll first have to free the goats from a small cage they’re trapped in. You cannot grab them after they start running around right after being freed. Instead, you’ll have to look through the entire map for each.

Using the Hay

How to Pick up Goat in Devourer

To catch a goat, you’ll need to use the hay, which can be usually found near the cage where the goats were kept at the beginning of the stage. Once you see a goat, place the hay near it using the G key. It’ll start to eat it, giving you a chance to grab it by pressing the E key. Now, all you need to do is burn it!

Burning the Goat

How to Pick up Goat in Devourer

The goats can be burned using the gasoline near a special altar. Gasoline can be found in different places on the map. In order to beat the stage and finish the exorcism, you’ll need to burn 10 goats. Keep in mind that each goat burned will make the stage’s stalker more aggressive.

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