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Devour: How to Calm Anna

Anna Puerta is possibly the most recognizable threat in Devour, but many players still don’t understand how she works, often thinking that most of her actions are a result of RNG.




The possessed cult leader known as Anna Puerta is the main stalker who’ll hunt for you and your team in the first stage of Devour. To increase your chances of survival, you’ll need to know a few things about her – including how to calm her down.

How to Calm Anna in Devour

How to Calm Anna in Devour

When she first spawns, Anna won’t pose much of a threat until she starts her “hunt”. When she does, she’ll start running around the house trying to kill the players and the only way to stop her for a while is to calm her down. You can do this by flashing your UV light at her for a couple of seconds.

Anna’s Aggressiveness

Now, each time you’ll calm Anna, she will get more violent when starting a new hunt. But, more importantly, her aggressiveness will also rise when you burn more goats at the altar. After burning three, you will have to stun her twice before she’ll be calm, and when the exorcism will better its final stage after burning 7 goats, she’ll need to be stunned three times. On top of that, she’s going to stay calm for a much shorter period of time in her final phase.

The Red Eyes

Anna cannot be stunned when her eyes glow red, which happens after burning enough goats. At this point, your best bet is to either run or hide from her. Keep in mind that Anna is also sensitive to your regular light, making her notice you if you keep it on. In later stages, she also actively hunts you, so calming her might be a waste of time.

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