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Destiny 2: How to Summon & Defeat Pauurc (Riven’s Wishes 5 Guide)

The Taken Ogre returns from beyond the Vault.




Pauurc is a classic Destiny 2 boss, first introduced in the vaulted Forsaken expansion, but you can now summon and defeat him again for the Riven’s Wishes 5 quest.

Summon this Taken Ogre and defeat him to complete the quest with ease. Plus, you’ll get some sweet sweet loot for your efforts!

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to summon and defeat Pauurc, the Farseer’s Heir, as part of the Riven’s Wishes 5 quest.

How to Summon & Defeat Pauurc | Riven’s Wishes 5 Guide

Destiny 2: How to Summon & Defeat Pauurc - Rheasilvia and Saboteur

To start the process of summoning Pauurc, you have to head to Rheasilvia in the Dreaming City.

Once you’re in the area, you will just need to wait until you get a notification that “a Saboteur wanders the Dreaming City.”

Farseer's Saboteur spotted

Find the Farseer’s Saboteur in one of the circles along Rheasilvia’s bridges. Its spawn location is somewhat random, so it’s best to get to a high-up location to check them from afar.

Once you spot the Farseer’s Saboteur, approach them and fill them up with lead! They will drop an orb called an “Awoken Charge.”

Awoken Charge orb

Pick up this Awoken Charge orb, but keep in mind that you will be Exhausted and unable to double jump as you hold it!

With the Awoken Charge in your possession, look for purple energy pools in the area. Their spawn locations seem to be randomized, so just look for the purple glow shown above.

Energy pool example

Approach the energy pool with the Awoken Charge and you will Supercharge it, now you just need to deliver it to a specific spot.

Destination, cliff east of Rheasilvia

It can be very hard to reach due to your limited movement, but you have to reach the cliff to the east of Rheasilvia.

The spot to deposit the Awoken Charge

You will find a small glowing circle on the cliff, just approach it and interact with it to deposit the Awoken Charge.

Pauurc spawned!

This will summon Pauurc, the Farseer’s Heir, who will spawn in the middle of the bridge in Rheasilvia. It’s now time to take him down!

How to Defeat Pauurc , the Farseer’s Heir | Riven’s Wishes 5 Guide

Pauurc surrounded by his shield

Once you approach Pauurc, you will notice that he’s enveloped with a large energy shield. He’s also surrounded by Taken, so make sure you’ve got your guns ready to go!

Take out the Taken and then try to focus on the enemies called “Hand of the Farseer’s Heir”. Those enemies will drop Awoken Charges when killed.

Example of a Sword of the Farseer's Heir enemy

Do keep in mind, though, that Pauurc can replace the Hands with “Sword of the Farseer’s Heir” Taken Knights instead. Those are stronger, but will also drop Awoken Charges on death.

Nonetheless, once you spot an Awoken Charge, pick it up. Just like before, you’ll be Exhausted while holding it!

Taking the Awoken Charge to an energy pool

The process now is similar to what you did to initiate the fight: find a purple energy pool and use it to Supercharge the Awoken Charge.

Once you have the Supercharged Awoken Charge, throw it toward Pauurc’s shield!

Throwing the Awoken Charge at the shield

Of course, you can also throw the Awoken Charge without Supercharging it first but it will do a pittance of damage. We tell you just in case it ends up helping you, but we highly recommend charging first.

Killing Pauurc at last

Repeat the process until the shield is gone, then finish off Pauurc once he’s exposed.

He poses little threat when his shield is gone, but don’t take your victory for granted until he’s dead. He still has his Taken Knights protecting him, after all!

Loot claimed!

Collect your well-deserved loot from Pauurc’s corpse, and also celebrate the fact that you’ve completed the Riven’s Wishes 5 quest.

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