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Will There Be a Destiny 3 – Answered

Can fans of the Destiny series expect a new sequel?




The Destiny series has become a pinnacle of gaming in recent years. While there’s been a lot of missteps in its creation, it’s undeniable that it has thousands of fans enjoying the game.

However, it’s surprising just how many years of support Destiny 2 has received. Some fans want a breath of fresh air with a new game. Others simply wish for a cleaner entry point into the series.

But should we be expecting a third Destiny game anytime soon? Let’s find out!

What We Know about a Possible Destiny 3

Source: Destiny 2 on Steam

Truthfully, there is very little known officially about the plans for Destiny 3.

However, it seems extremely unlikely that Destiny 3 will be coming anytime soon. For the time being, Bungie seems entirely focused on providing updates and content to Destiny 2.

In fact, Destiny 2 itself likely only exists due to contractual obligations Bungie had with Activision back in the day.

Source: GameSpot

Bungie no longer works with Activision, however, so they’re no longer abiding by these contracts and plans. Had these old release plans come to fruition, we would already have had 4 different Destiny games by now!

The current direction for Bungie can be traced as far back as 2020 when the plans for the Destiny Content Vault were first announced.

In an official blog post by DeeJ, they state that Destiny 2 fractured the fanbase. Recovering from this took years.

Source: Bungie

Being a clean slate and resetting players’ progress meant that a lot of Destiny 1 veterans were conflicted by Destiny 2. This is a mistake they didn’t wish to repeat by making Destiny 3.

As such, they instead opted to focus entirely on supporting Destiny 2. By doing so, they managed to offer more content to players without needing to wipe the slate clean with a new game.

While Destiny 2’s current Light and Darkness Saga is set to end with The Final Shape, it’s likely Destiny 2 will keep receiving further expansions after that.

For those who wish for something different, it’s been heavily rumored that Bungie is working on new games unrelated to the Destiny franchise.

Apart from that, there are also official statements saying that Bungie plans to expand Destiny beyond just video games.

In the end, Destiny 3 seems very unlikely. Destiny 2 will continue receiving support, even while Bungie works on other projects.

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