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Babylon’s Fall: Combat Guide

Combat takes the center stage in every Platinum Games title and Babylon’s Fall is no exception.




Most of your time in Babylon’s Fall will be spent fighting, and the enemies will only get tougher as you progress. Mastering the game’s combat system will quickly become a necessity, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Combat in Babylon’s Fall

Combat in Babylon’s Fall takes some inspiration from both previous Platinum Games titles, like Bayonetta and Nier: Automata and souls-like games.

The best way to deal with enemies is to connect your attacks into long combos that will stun the enemies, but now the gear you’re using can significantly impact the way you fight. And on top of that, the game uses its own unique four-weapons mechanic. To get the best effects, you’ll have to use each of those mechanics in accordance with each other.

Combos and Weapons

Like most action games, Babylon’s Fall features light and heavy attacks you can mix to do combos, but the main way you can keep the enemy staggered is by using your spectral weapons floating around you to extend the combos.

If you’re fighting a group of enemies, remember to launch the enemy you are targeting into the air, out of reach of that group’s attacks. Using a spectral weapon will deplete your red magic bar, however, so always keep your resources in mind.

Don’t Neglect Your Gear

Equipment plays a key role in every fight. Not only will it determine the amount of damage you’ll deal and receive – more importantly, some pieces have specific effects that change the way some combat mechanic works. For example, some equipment will automatically heal you after doing a perfect dodge.

Parries and Perfect Dodges

When it comes to defense, your two main options are parrying and dodging. Dodging has few penalties, but it uses up the red magic bar, so you can’t always rely on it.

Parrying requires more precision. You need to do it right before the enemy attack. Perfect dodges work the same way, but they don’t stagger the enemies, only giving you benefits if you have specific gear equipped.

Dynamis Abilities

Using the Gideon Coffin, you can utilize some more mystical abilities during combat, such as draining the HP of your enemies or instantly jumping from one enemy to the next. But, these mostly work on tethered enemies, so their usefulness is dependent on the character build you’re going with.

Although it may seem like a lot to take in at first, the combat in Babylon’s Fall is not all that complicated. After mastering the basics, the main thing you’ll have to worry about is the gear you’re using.

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