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Babylon’s Fall: Recycling Guide

You’ll quickly learn how useful crafting is in Babylon’s Fall, but it will make use of a lot of materials. Fortunately, there exist a lot of ways to get these, including the Recycling mechanic.




Crafting is an important mechanic in Babylon’s Fall, but it requires a lot of materials, some of which might take a while to gather. To make this process a little less difficult, the developers included a mechanic called Recycling.

How Recycling Works in Babylon’s Fall

How Recycling Works in Babylon’s Fall

In short, Recycling allows you to disassemble items you no longer need into crafting materials. You do this in Ishmur’s forge, so you’ll have to get to the point in the story when this location becomes available.

The amount of materials this process will yield mostly depends on the items chosen, but you can get better results with one more trick.

Catalyst Stones

Catalyst Stones

Although Recycling doesn’t cost anything, you can use special items called Catalyst Stones for better results.

These come in three rarities – Lesser, Regular and Greater. Obviously, the better Catalyst Stone you use, the more you’re going to get out of it. Additionally, Greater Stones can also give you unique materials from recycling, not available by using weaker recycling options.

Getting Catalyst Stones

Getting Catalyst Stones

Catalyst Stones are pretty rare. Sometimes, you receive them for doing missions, but you can also buy them at Pygmelion’s shop. However, there is a daily limit, determining how much you can purchase, so if you can afford it, you should be buying them every day to get the most out of this mechanic.

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