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Babylon’s Fall: Enhancing Guide

One way to get more out of your favorite items in Babylon’s Fall is Enhancing them.




Equipment Enhancements are a common mechanic in action RPGs, and Babylon’s Fall is no exception. In this title, however, it only comes into play during later portions of the game, due to its costs. So, here are all the things you’ll need to know about Enhancing before you start piling up resources.

Enhancements in Babylon’s Fall

The first thing you should know is that not every equipment piece in the game can be enhanced. Only legendary and divine items can be enhanced, with weapons and armor having ten possible enhancement levels and accessories having three.

Each enhancement costs both gold and materials, and the amounts necessary to complete the process are ludicrously high, so you should make sure that upgrading the item will be worth the trouble.

How to Enhance My Equipment in Babylon’s Fall

How to Enhance My Equipment in Babylon’s Fall

Enhancing options are accessible from the “rebuild” tab in the forge menu. As with every mechanic tied to the forge, you’ll need to first beat the third cloister to unlock the building, found near the docks in headquarters.

What are the Different Enhancements I Can Use?

How to Enhance My Equipment in Babylon’s Fall

The enhancements you’ll get are dependent on the item you’re upgrading. Each enhancement level will give your items better stats, and some will also yield new passive skills for that item. But, the progression is linear – you cannot pick and choose what skills will be given to each item.

Then again, with the variety of items this game has to offer, this shouldn’t be a big issue. Just make sure you’re prepared to pay a lot for each enhancement.

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