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Babylon’s Fall: How to Level Up Fast

Once you’ll finish the main story in Babylon’s Fall, leveling up will become much more tedious. But there are a couple of tricks to speed up this process.




Following in the footsteps of other “live service games”, Babylon’s Fall endgame features a lot of grinding and farming.

Because of the game’s rather confusing leveling system, it might seem very tedious, especially since the title seems to punish the player for trying to level up fast. So, let’s explain how the leveling system works – and how to utilize it to get better results.

How to Level Up Fast in Babylon’s Fall

How to Level Up Fast in Babylon’s Fall

Your Power Level in Babylon’s Fall is closely tied to the equipment you’re using. The game calculates your level by adding the power level of each equipment piece and dividing it by 8.

This means that you should always aim to have the best power level on each equipment piece, even if the individual stats don’t match the build you’re going for exactly the way you want – the gear with weak power level gets obsolete very fast.

To deal with this problem, you should utilize the game’s crafting feature.

Crafting Equipment that Matches Your Playstyle

Crafting Equipment that Matches Your Playstyle

Every piece of crafted equipment will have the same power level as your character – that’s why it’s a good idea to simply have the best equipment on, level-wise, at least during the crafting process.

There is a variety of equipment pieces you can craft, and these you can actually choose based on your playstyle. But there’s one more catch – no matter the power level, rarer items also have better stats than the more common ones, limiting some of your choices again.

Farming Materials and Equipment

Crafting requires a lot of materials, and if you don’t want to craft, you’re at the mercy of the game’s RNG. Either way, you’ll want to complete the missions fast to get more rewards.

Here is another weird thing about Babylon’s Fall – the harder missions don’t seem to give significantly better rewards. This means that there’s no point in taking on the missions of a higher level than yours – and, more importantly, that your best option is to find the easiest missions to get the most equipment and materials per play session.

Some of the missions considered to be the easiest to complete include:

– Munition’s Factory I

– Shuanna Boulevard II

– Electrode Center I

– Merces Boulvard II

– Shafts of Elysium II

– Homera Boulvard II

– Hall of Flames: Onslaught

Unfortunately, getting better equipment than the one you already have is still mostly luck-based in Babylon’s Fall.

But, maximizing the number of items gathered per play seems like the most reliable way to level up fast. With enough patience, you should be able to raise your power level at a reasonable pace.

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