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Babylon’s Fall: Melding Guide

One of the more unique mechanics in Babylon’s Fall, Melding cane be a bit hard to wrap your head around when first time playing.




There are some common problems with most RPGs that Babylon’s Fall aims to fix. One of those problems is the fact that usually, most useful and powerful items stat-wise are scarce and allow for a little customization, forcing a rigid playstyle.

To combat this problem, Babylon’s Fall introduces a Melding mechanic.

Melding in Babylon’s Fall

To unlock the Melding mechanic, you’ll first have to gain access to the forge by finishing the main story mission in the third cloister. Once you’ll do that, the “melding” mechanic will become available in the forge menu, selectable from the “rebuild” tab.

How Melding Works In Babylon’s Fall

How Melding Works In Babylon's Fall

Melding is used to transfer the power level of one item to the other. So, for example, if you have a weak sword that you want to use, you can choose a more powerful one to transfer its stats, enhancing the weapon you prefer. This will cause the item used for enhancing to vanish from your inventory, so use this option carefully.

Melding Limitations

How Melding Works In Babylon's Fall

There is one limitation to keep in mind when melding – you can only use items of the same type for enhancements. You won’t be able to upgrade a bow using a rod, for example.

If you want to enhance a certain type of weapon, but you don’t have anything more powerful of its kind, you can use the crafting mechanic to make any weapon like that, since crafted items always scale their power in accordance with your character’s level.

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