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Lost Ark: How to Erase Texture Asset Lag and Load Maps Instantly

In some cases, Lost Ark will suffer from texture asset lag which causes texture assets and maps to load very slowly. Luckily, there’s a quick fix to get rid of this issue.




If you’ve been playing Lost Ark for some time now, you might notice that things will take a while to load, especially in areas where there are tons of players. This can be really annoying as it takes away from your overall experience. This problem is called texture asset lag.

Luckily, you can fix this issue even by yourself by just following a few simple steps.

How to Erase Texture Asset Lag and Load Maps Instantly in Lost Ark

To fix this problem and load stuff into your map instantly, all you have to do is tinker with the game’s Launch Options on Steam.

Simply close the game, head over to your Library, then look for Lost Ark. Right-click on it, click Properties, and under Launch Options in the General tab, enter this command:


By default, Texture Streaming is designed to load assets into the game as needed. However, this feature is originally intended for lower-end GPUs and systems. If you’re playing the game on a beefy system with a powerful GPU, you don’t really need this at all as it can only cause the texture asset lag issue we’ve mentioned earlier.

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