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LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: Reptile Revealer Guide | All Zymod Locations

The Reptile Revealer challenge will task you with locating 10 lizard-like Zymods on the Ajan Kloss planet. Here’s where you can find all of them.




There are a handful of Galaxy challenges in the game, and the Reptile Revealer is a particularly challenging one since you’ll have to locate 10 Zymods in the Resistance Camp on Ajan Kloss. The problem is that these lizard-like creatures can be hard to spot at times as most of them can hide behind leaves and even copy the color of their surroundings the same way chameleons do.

Luckily, this guide will help you locate all of them with ease.

Reptile Revealer Guide for All Zymod Locations in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

To start, simply head to the Resistance Camp on the Ajan Kloss planet. Take note that you’ll have to fire at them for them to count toward your progress. From the starting point, simply follow these steps to find all 10 Zymods:

  1. Turn left and head straight to a nearby stream to find one Zymod submerging in the water.
  2. Cross the stream then turn left to find another Zymod hiding behind the leaves just close to the waterfall.
  3. Press forward and enter a cave until you come across another Zymod at the leftmost corner of the cave.
  4. Exit the cave then turn slightly at 45 degrees to the right. Go all the way forward until you’ll come across a Zymod sitting right next to a green plant and a container.
  5. From there, just turn slightly toward the right and a white Zymod will be sitting on top of the Y-Wing Starfighter’s nose.
  6. Head straight until you find two other Y-Wing Starfighters. Go to the burning one to find another Zymod sitting in front of the cockpit.
  7. From there, turn left and hug the wall until you find a slope. Follow the slope all the way up and follow the path that leads to the left. You’ll find a green Zymod right under a tree that’s close to another Y-Wing Starfighter.
  8. Go back to your path and head straight until you come across the cave housing the Tantive IV ship. Enter the cave and go straight until you find a small pond on the right. This one can be a bit tricky, but you can actually find a Zymod hidden under the murky water.
  9. Turn right and go all the way up, then turn right again until you get to an area where Klaud is. A Zymod is just right in front of him.
  10. For the last one, you’ll have to grapple your way up to the top of the Tantive IV ship. From there, head to the very end where the engines are located. A white Zymod will be hiding just between the two engines to the left.

After shooting the last one, you should then be able to complete the mission.

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Genshin Impact: Totem Puzzle in ‘Garden of Endless Pillars’ Guide

Lighting the Pyro Totems in the correct order will help you complete this puzzle, and unlock a fast travel waypoint.





The Garden of Endless Pillars is located within the northwestern part of the Sumeru Desert. Once you’ve reached there, you’ll notice a giant slab cemented in the dunes, along with various Pyro totems surrounding it nearby.

There will be various mirage walls across the region, but they should be fairly easy to traverse, while hitting the totems with Pyro attacks.

We’ll explain how to successfully complete the Totem Puzzle in the “Garden of Endless Pillars” Guide – read on for our walkthrough.

Totem Puzzle for Garden of Endless Pillars Guide in Genshin Impact

The very first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Garden of Endless Pillars location on the map, which we’ve indicated in the screenshots below.

Once you’ve reached The Garden of Endless Pillars, you’ll need to switch over to Amber, as you’ll have to utilize Pyro attacks on the corresponding totems.

The first totem is extremely easy, as there are no walls blocking you – simply take a right upon entering the area, and shoot the totem.

To reach the second totem (pictured above) you will have to walk forward a fair bit until you spot the totem located in the right-hand corner. As you are blocked by the wall, you will need to traverse onto the concrete pillars to get a vantage point from which you can target the second totem.

Head right for the next totem, located in front of crumbled concrete walls. To find the last two totems, proceed forward and take a slight left. The very last one is located to the right, opposite of the prior totem.

Hitting all the totems will cause the slab to activate, and after this sequence, you will unlock a fast travel point for this region, which you can then use moving forward throughout the new update.

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