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LEGO Bricktales: How to Find the Culprit | Medieval Quest Solution

Be the detective in this medieval era of LEGO Bricktales.




What makes the Lego Bricktales even more exciting is the fact that it does not just unleash your creativity but also incorporate your detective skills.

As you continue its story, you will be included in a scene wherein a culprit to a particular misdeed will appear and it needs to be reported to the king right away.

Being the wise and kind protagonist, you will be the one assigned to do this. From finding where the culprit was, to relaying the message to the king.

So if you are already in this part of the story and have difficulty completing this task, you have come to the perfect guide for you.

We made this one for you to guide you on your journey to finding the culprit. Release your spy senses and lego!

How to Find the Culprit | Medieval Quest Solution in LEGO Bricktales

Source: Trophy Tom

The first thing you have to do on this task is to walk over to the tower and enter this building. Once you enter this, you will have to meet the wizard.

Keep walking straight and just follow the carpet. At the end of the path, walk on the left side of the building and you will see the wizard.

Approach and interact with Scatty Wizard Weniglin to strike up a conversation. This will serve as your confrontation with him regarding the accidental mistake that he had done.

During your conversation with the wizard, he will ask you to just keep it between the two of you. However, you are a persistent person who is firm with your values. Because of those amazing qualities, you will be able to convince him to tell the king truth on what happened.

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