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League of Legends: New Upcoming Champions | April Roadmap

League of Legends’ roadmap for the month of April introduces a number of Champions to the world of Runeterra.




According to Riot Games, League of Legends developer, the new upcoming champions they’re currently developing are quite exciting. They will be part of their new project called the Comprehensive Gameplay Update which, as the name implies, aims to introduce a handful of updates into the game.

Of course, this update includes the handful of heroes who aren’t named yet but have some of their information laid out to the public. Let’s have a look at who these champions are.

New Upcoming Champions for the April Roadmap in League of Legends

The first champion to be hinted at is one whom the developers call the “Empress” within the Void. For this alone, it does sound like any champion who “submits” to her will be empowered, along them to deal bonus damage to enemy structures.

She’s basically a jungle-based skirmisher who sounds like she’ll be feeding on the essence of the champions she killed, allowing her to evolve throughout the duration of the game.

Another champion who’ll be released pretty soon was teased by a story told by Oyster Bill who runs the Oyster Shack. His account told of a “colorful but deadly stranger” who came from a land across the seas. There’s not much information about this, but there was a bit of mist and splashing water sounds during the time that stranger got into a bar fight with some Noxians.

For me, it seems that this new champion will involve some sort of mirage-style shenanigans, but that’s only speculation.

The last and final champion for this update is the one called the Pride of Nazumah, who’s basically a top lane tank that hailed from the Shurima region. There’s no information about it whatsoever, but the developers have announced they will be talking about it in detail sometime later this year.

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