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League of Legends: Yone Build Guide for Season 13

Watch Yone become the most broken champion on the battlefield.




The recent update for League of Legends has brought a lot of adjustments that will greatly affect the performance of the champions in battle. Several nerfs and revamps were made as well as major changes to the system.

However, some champions were untouched but can be a lot stronger now than in the precious patch. One of them is Yone.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can build Yone to become an efficient assassin user with this build.

How to Build Yone for Season 13 of League of Legends

Source: League of Legends

Yone is one of the assassins that you can choose from the list of champions in League of Legends.

Given its assassin role, it is expected to be a bit difficult for players to use. If you think you are not familiar with Yone, you might recognize it with the skill Soul Unbound wherein it projects another Yone that can land attacks on you.

You can’t deny the fact that despite Yone’s high skill ceiling, using it is really enjoyable and satisfying every time you get a kill.

The only problem is how to make Yone durable while dealing an immense amount of damage to enemies. To build around Yone, you might want to make use of these items to gain more advantage over enemy champions:

Berserker’s Gleave, Zeal, Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Jak’sho The Protean, and Death’s Dance.

Early Game

Source: Yeagerlol

As you start the game, you must first clear and farm lanes. If you happen to face a champion that can counter you like Akali, make sure to not get too close.

However, you can’t always avoid that. When you two become close to each other, you can use your W skill which is the Spirit Cleave.

While clearing lanes, make sure to stay back and stack minions to easily farm them. Also, you can bait yourself to the enemy champion by going in and out since you still can’t do a combo or spam skills.

Source: Yeagerlol

At this point when you reach level 4, the first two items that you should get are Berserker’s Greaves and Zeal.

When you have these first two items, you might want to stack up your Q skill or the Mortal Steel and combine it with your E which is Soul Unbound.

Mid Game

At this point, using your Mortal Steel (Q) in two stacks will be more effective. This way, you can both deal damage and easily dodge when the enemy counters you. But with the Zeal item, you will receive bonus attack speed.

That being said, your combo can easily get more damage.

The next thing you have to build after Zeal is the Bloodthirster which will give you massive shields to help increase your survivability.

Once you have these three items, you will become the hyper carry of the game.

Late Game

The next item you have to look out for is Infinity Edge. Once you have this item, Yone will get more crit damage which will be useful for his skill combos.

This item has both an attack speed bonus and high additional damage.

At this point, Yone is still squishy and can easily get slain if not for the shields that you have purchased. That being said, you need to give him a tanky mythical item which is the Jak’sho The Protean.

Lastly, you can get the Death’s Dance item to gain more attack damage and benefit from its passive skills.

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