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How to Solve the Jewelry Box Puzzle in 308 Silent Moon Room – Project Zero

Know the pattern and reveal the melody for this puzzle.




While playing Project Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, you will come across a lot of empty and crowded rooms that you have to explore and rummage through.

There are clues and puzzles that you can find while doing so. One such puzzle you can find is the Jewelry Box Puzzle in the 308 SIlent Moon Room.

Let’s have a look at its solution.

Solution for the Jewelry Box Puzzle in Project Zero

Source: Gamer Guides

You can start the Jewelry Box Puzzle as you enter the 308 Silent Moon Room. Walk inside the room to see a piano and a shelf beside it. Approach the shelf, and you should be able to find the Jewelry Box that you are looking for.

The goal of this puzzle is to insert the cogs perfectly in each node while making sure that all of the gears are connected to each other.

Upon interacting with the jewelry box, you will see these cogs scattered around the box. To easily understand, let’s name the cogs with numbers like this.

Source: Gamer Guides

The first thing you have to do is move cog 1 up once. It will then look like this.

Source: Gamer Guides

After that, move over to cog 2 and place it in the right slot of cog 1. Now, get cog 3 and place it in the slot that you can see in between the two largest cogs.

Lastly, get cog 4 and place it on the previous slot of cog 3.

With those simple steps, you’ll be able to solve the puzzle and play the melody of the music box on the piano beside you.

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