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League of Legends: How to Disable Chat for EVERYONE (BUG)

League of Legends is well known for having bugs, this time, players found an interesting bug which enables people to disable chats for everyone.




The League of Legends community has been tagging the official support profile for the community and flagging a strange issue on Twitter for several hours. However, it’s important to know, that it is a forbidden activity that could result in account suspension. As a result, it’s best to avoid using it in regular matches.

How to Disable Chat for EVERYONE (BUG)- League of Legends

Players uncovered a new issue this time, which enables any conflict to be handled simply blocking communication for all players.  This applies to global and cross-team messages, as well as private messages.

It’s just that no one is able to send anything. It is yet unknown how long it will endure. This is a major issue that will most likely be resolved within a few days by the developers.

The Three Characters

To disconnect everyone from chat while playing, it was found out  that you will only need three characters. This does not necessitate any sophisticated techniques. Only the three-character phrase “%I:” is required. You merely need to submit the “%” to re-enable the chat.

However, if someone who didn’t disable the chat types “%” to rectify the chat, there may be an issue. Another player can imitate them and type whatsoever they likes, and the content will appear as if it were sent by the one attempting to solve the puzzle.

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