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The Forest: How to Find Climbing Axe | Location Guide

The Climbing Axe is a really important tool that lets you climb any climbable wall. However, you need to loot it inside a certain cave first.




At some point in the game, you will come across walls inside caves that you won’t be able to scale without a specific tool. This tool is none other than the Climbing Axe. With the Climbing Axe, you can scale climbable walls in order to gain access to certain areas that you just won’t be able to access normally.

Apart from a climbing tool, it also doubles as a weapon with its fast swings. However, it deals less damage compared to the plane axe and can’t even be upgraded, making it far less efficient as a weapon than a tool. You can use it to chop cannibal corpses, but it won’t be able to chop down trees.

If you want to get the Climbing Axe, then this guide is for you.

How to Find the Climbing Axe in The Forest

To find the Climbing Axe, you’ll want to head over to the Ledge Cave (Cave 9) which is found northeast of the sinkhole. The entrance is just a hole in the ground located right next to a tent.

Climb down the rope and follow the left pathway until you reach the ground surface. This will involve a lot of crouching down. Keep going left while hugging the left wall, and make sure to ready your weapon as there are a few cannibals nearby.

Once you’ve dealt with the cannibals, keep going until you hear the sound of a waterfall. Go straight and down the rocks until you come across a wall that’s been lit up. You can see the Climbing Axe stuck on that very same wall.

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How To

Terraria: How to Get Hand of Creation Accessory in 1.4.4

The Hand of Creation is a useful item that lets you mine, build and harvest faster in the game.





It looks like the game developers of Terraria have listened to all our requests on this one. The latest Labor of Love Content in Terraria 1.4.4 allows players to mine 25% faster, increase building speed, expand the radius for us to pick up harvested materials and even give us an extra reach for us to pick up things.

That’s the Hand of Creation for you. A handy tool (pardon the pun) and must-have equipment especially for players who enjoy the creative side of Terraria.

Like in real life, however, obtaining something as good as this item will require you a bit of effort. Never fear though, we’ve got you covered as we guide you on how to get the Hand of Creation in Terraria 1.4.4.

How to get the Hand of Creation Accessory in Terraria 1.4.4

There are 2 sets of materials you need to collect in order for you to Craft the Hand of Creation. Four of these items are being sold by the Travelling Merchant and the next set of items can be found in Chests across the map areas.

To keep things simple, we will first start with the first set of materials that can be purchased at the Travelling Merchant.

These are the Brick Layer, portable cement mixer, extended grip and paint Sprayer. Each item has a specific use when used individually.

Combine the four items to create the Architect’s Gizmo

Crafting these four items will give you the Architects Gizmo which is a single item that does all three items combined.

Search for the next set of items on the map

By now, you already have the Architect’s Gizmo which is a handy tool in itself. What we are going to do next is to upgrade that gadget further into the Hand of Creation. To do this, you will have to look for three more items.

These items are the ancient chisel, treasure magnet and stepping stool. The ancient chisel is dropped randomly at underground desert Chests, the treasure magnet can be found on shadow Chests or lock boxes while the step stool can be found on surface Chests or can be purchased from the Skeleton Merchant.

Combine these items to create the Hand of Creation

Once you have the next set of items, combine them on your workbench to get the Hand of Creation accessory. This accessory is a combination of seven different accessories with seven specific moves or boosts to make your exploration and building a lot more efficient and less of a hassle.

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