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The Forest: Where to Find Modern Bow | Location Guide

The Forest is a survival horror video game developed and published by Endnight Games. There are several weapons that the character player would need to find Eric Leblanc’s son in this game.




The game is set on a woodland peninsula that is remote. After an aircraft disaster, the player character Eric Leblanc must combat cannibalistic monsters while seeking his kid. We would only be looking at The Modern Bow. 

Where to Find Modern Bow | Location Guide – The Forest

The modern bow is one of the most potent weapons in this game and the hardest to find. You would need the Rebreather and the climbing axe to find the modern bow.

It would help if you also had other weapons and armors because you would run into many cannibals and mutants on your journey. Cannibals and mutants are the antagonists of this game.

Find the Cave Entrance 

The cave entrance, known as the Chasm cave or cave 7, is located beneath the north-facing mountain.

When you enter Cave 7, keep going straight until you reach a cliff soon after the dead bodies are hung. You see a rope at the edge of the cliff, but be aware that there are a lot of cannibals at the bottom of the cliff, so be cautious, and you’ll have to fight your way to a barricade. Break down the two barriers and push forward until you reach a large hole.

Follow the Ropes

You will find a rope immediately on the side of the pit; use the climbing axe to descend. Turn right and grab the second rope from the end of the first.

After dropping the ropes, you’ll reach another ledge; use the climbing axe to descend. It would help if you flew over the third ledge with the axe, then cross to the other side and find another rope to descend. On the fourth ledge, you must repeat the operation.

Kill the Cannibals

When you reach the bottom, you’ll come across cannibals and a slew of mutant newborns, which you can either murder or run past. Then you continue walking down until you reach a small slit and shove your way through. On the other side, locate a rope down to the bottom.

You’ll find water and a road to the left; turn left, and you’ll cross a tent with cannibals; kill them and continue forward until you reach another barricade.

There are a few cannibals and many spiders on the opposite side. You eliminate the cannibals while protecting yourself from the spiders with your Rebreather.

Find the Tent

Finally, you run past the spiders and come across a gap. After you enter the whole, remember to go up and down to manoeuvre; when you exit the water, you’ll see a tent with some boxes on the side. The Modern Bow is depicted on the packaging.

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